List of Currencies of different Countries with pictures

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images/photos of different currency notes from different countries list of currencies in the world. 

The coins from different countries are different,so today I will show you some pictures of genuine money from different countries.

Egypt: pound

Ireland: pound

Estonia: Karenni

Antigua and Barbuda: the former Eastern Caribbean

Austria: shilling

Australia: Yuan

Barbados: Yuan


Papua New Guinea: kina

Bahamas: Yuan

Bajisita: Rs

Paraguay: Guarani

Brazil: Li Yayi

Belarus: rubles


North Korea:Yuan

Germany: Mark

Russia: ruble

France: franc

Cambodia: Villiers

Liberia: Yuan

Mexico: Peso

South Africa: crown

South Africa: Rand

European Union: the euro

Japan: Japanese Yen

Somalia: shilling

India: Rs

Indonesia: rupees (Shield)

Macao, China: MOP

Hong Kong, China: HK