Train Running Status Live Train Enquiry Indian Railways

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We normally go for Telephonic Enquiry to track or check the current status of running trains.As we know the Train Enquiry help line numbers are 139, 131, etc.,But we oftenly dial 139 .Through which you can get Train Timetable ,Live Running Train current Status, train late position, train location and schedules, Trains Expected Time of Arrival and expected time of Departure, timetable for running trains etc.

 In Case if you are not able to connect to these help lines you can now easily and quickly  check the train information on internet through website.This Indian Railway website is using AJAX.Here you can get fast updates about your running train current status across all the stations.You no longer have to remember train numbers now – just enter any two station names (like chennai to Ahmedabad) and it will bring all the trains available on that route.

CRIS, the IT wing of Indian Railways, has spotted improved version of the Train Enquiry website. This website will not only provide the running status of trains but will also help you track the exact location of trains across the country.The latest most astonishing feature of this beta versioned website is it now using RailRadar ,an interactive map technology where you can check or watch the status and location of trains.

  Check Live Status of Running Trains online

From TrainEnquiry website you can easily check live train enquiry and  track train position and exact location by just entering the train number or the station names,here you can track running trains between stations,can see exact position of the running trains across India.You can also see the Expected time of arrivals and departures ,Halt time ,or whether the train is running on right time or Late to a particular station.To see or get a complete walkthrough about usage of this beta versioned website,you can go to my new post TRACK RUNNING TRAIN STATUS 2012,where you can get step by step  process to check your running train position or location online.