How to Increase Reliance Netconnect+, MTS Mblaze, Tata Photon Plus Internet speed :

Mts Mblaze, Tata Photon Plus and Reliance Net Connect datacards are the three most famous high-speed wireless internet service provider. All of them promise a seamless 3.1Mbps internet connection speed but we all know the real truth. Most of us don’t cross the 1Mbps benchmark and some which are luck get a 2Mbps.

boost your speed while your actual connection will depend on your location and network coverage.

Open you respective dialer and click and go on connection settings. You can provide custom DNS server address to get a significant increase in speed.

Some of the DNS servers you can use are

Open DNS :

Google DNS :

Comodo DNS:

Verizon // 

Once done, click OK, save it and connect. you will get improved speeds..
Optimize TCP/IP Settings

The TCP Optimizer is a free, easy Windows program that provides an visceral interface for tuning and optimizing your Internet connection. There is no installation required, just download and run.

Once you launch the program you will see a slider with range of number on it. Slide the slider to match your connection speed. If you are on Mblaze, Photo or on Reliance you can try a range between 2Mbps to 3Mbps.

You can now check optimal settings if you are not sure about all the settings. If you are advanced user you can obviously configure it with advance tab. Now click on apply changes and exit the program.

The tool uses advanced algorithms, and the bandwidth*delay product to find the best TCP Window for your specific connection speed. It provides for easy tuning of all related TCP/IP parameters, such as MTU, RWIN, and even advanced ones like QoS and ToS/Diff server prioritization. The TCP Optimizer is targeted towards broadband internet connections, however it can be helpful with tuning any internet connection type, from dialup to Gigabit+.