Sim Replacement from Other State-Duplicate Sim

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Now you can easily replace your Sim card (lost/stolen/broken/damaged) from other state .We know how to get a duplicate Sim card without  changing a number in the same state ,but what if we lose the Sim in some other/different state .The Telecom Services(Vodafone,BSNL ,Airtel,TataDocomo,Idea,Reliance,Aircel ) has provided an option to have a Sim card replacement from any state.Now you can get your lost  or damaged Sim replaced in any state besides the state/region you bought the Sim by paying just rupees 25.You can get the other state Sim replacement only at the Head Offices of your service providers in your city.

Steps for Sim card replacement in other state:

1.Go to the HEAD OFFICE of the service provider :You can get the head office details of your service provider in your region from your nearest  service provider customer relationship center or you can get it from Google.If there is no head office of your service provider in your region then you need to go to your nearest city where the head office of your network provider is available.

2.Once you reach the head office,ask them about the Sim replacement (tell them that the Sim is of different state). The customer care person will check the availability of your Sim card number:

-if the Sim card number is available then you are required to fill a Sim replacement form and need to submit your photo id proof ,once done they will provide you the Sim card .

-In case if the Sim is not available in the state then they will get the Sim from the state you bought the Sim card .This will take some time (3-4 days). The Sim card will be activated once your documents are verified.

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How to Increase the Font Size of Blog Posts-Change Font Styles

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Increase the Font Size in Blog Post.If your blogger or WordPress post font size is small by default and you want to change or edit the font size for every blogger post body automatically then here is a post to increase default font size on a blog post.To change the font size of your blog posts go to Template tab and click on Edit HTML and then select will see your blogger template code.

In your blogger template HTML code search (Ctrl+F) for ".post {"

you will find a piece of code like this

.post {
margin:.5em 0 1.5em;
border-bottom:1px solid #cccccc;
text-align: justify;
font-size: 18px;
font-family:'Segoe UI', Arial;
line-height: 21px;

Here (font-size: 18px;) you can change the font  to your desired size and click on Save Template.You can also change the font family by specifying the font family name in 'font-family:'Segoe UI', Arial;'and also can increase the height of the lines in blog post from the above piece of code.

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How to get Sim Card Replacement-Airtel & Others

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 Now you can easily replace your lost sim card .You can have a Sim  replacement irrespective of your service providers ( Airtel,Idea,Reliance,Vodafone,BSNL,Tata Docomo,Aircel ) by filling a simple form.

What is Sim replacement: 

You will get a new Sim card  without changing the number (prepaid/postpaid) in case your  Sim card is lost/stolen/deactivated/disabled/blocked.

Process for Sim replacement :

1. Go to your nearest (network provider) customer care center and fill the replacement form to replace your Sim card.

2.Submit a copy of your id proof (the same you submitted when purchasing the Sim) and a copy of your photograph.

3.Also it is good to take a FIR copy in case your Sim card is stolen along with your mobile phone (Not Mandatory).

4.Once the documents are verified they will issue the Sim card or else will mail to your provided address.The Sim card will be activated within 6 hours.

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How to block my Lost Sim Card

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If your Sim card is lost (Theft/Stolen) then you can easily block or disable it in seconds irrespective of your service providers(Airtel,Idea,Reliance,BSNL,Tata Docomo,Vodafone,Aircel). Here is a complete procedure to block a lost Sim card .The very immediate step you need to do when you lose your Sim Card is just Block it ,because someone may misuse your Sim card for which you may be penalized as it is associated with you.The steps/things to do when you find that your Sim card is lost.

1.Immediately contact Customer Care of your network/Service provider .The service providers like Airtel ,Idea,Reliance,BSNL, Tata Docomo,Vodafone,etc will have a local customer care numbers like 198,369,....

2.When you request for the Sim block, the customer care person will ask some details for verification of the Sim Card Owner.They may ask some questions like:
  •  The Phone Number?
  •  Subscriber Name?
  •  Last Amount Recharged?
  •  Mode of payment you used for last recharge? (like:Online Recharge,Phone Recharge,Top Up Card).
  •  The Validity of your Sim Card?(Note:You can check the validity when you check for balance amount in your  cell phone or on the cover of your Sim card during your purchase).
 3.When the customer care person is satisfied with your answers, he will block your Sim card or block out-going calls for your lost Sim card and suggest you to have a Sim replacement(You can get a new Sim card issued by your network provider without changing the number.) at nearest customer relationship center by providing your id proof and photo copy.Check here how to get sim replacement.

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Tips to Book Tatkal Tickets Online IRCTC-Get Confirmed Tatkal Tickets Online

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While booking Tatkal train tickets on internet due to slowness of Indian railways Server we are not able to book/get confirmed tatkal tickets oftenly ,as we are well aware of how long it takes to login .We all know that now the Tatkal tickets booking starts at 10.a.m. But most of the time we are not able to login to the website itself when booking tatkal tickets.The IRCTC website is not fast then and takes long time to login.If you have noticed that the IRCTC server will be fine to some extant the moment you login.I have come across with few tips which many follow to book tatkal tickets on internet quickly.

1. Login into IRCTC website 10-15 mins before the tatkal booking starts,because you often won't be able to login to IRCTC at 10 a.m. quickly.

2.Keep navigating to the different screens in the irctc portal after login to avoid session expiration,otherwise you will be logged out automatically.

3.Try Magic Auto Fill created by Amit Agarwal,to save the time filling passengers form.Prior to login just fill in the passenger details in the Magic Auto Fill and drag the button MagicAutoFill to your bookmark ,so then no need to fill passenger list in IRCTC , just click on MagicAutoFill bookmarked button,it will fill the irctc passenger form automatically.View Demo.

4.Be ready with your payment details like credit/debit card,Net banking.

5.Never click on Backspace button or any button in IRCTC twice ,which will log you out of the website.

Hope these tips will help you book your tatkal tickets easily and fastly.

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