Best CPM Ad Networks for Publishers in 2016-Top Paying CPM Netwotks

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Best CPM Networks For Publishers

Know about Top Paying CPM Advertising Networks with high paying rates.Find below the list of Best Cost Per Impression (CPM) Ads Networks.CPM or cost per thousand impressions is best to make more income from your website based on the number of visitors besides CPC income . CPM ads do not require users to click on your ads for you to make money .Below is the list of the best alternatives to Google Adsense.Though they might not work as well as AdSense but still would earn you good amount of money.  

12 High Paying CPM Advertising Networks :

1. Tribal Fusion: Tribal Fusion is one of the most popular CPM ad network. They are well known for high CPM rates. If your blog/website gets more then 500,000 unique users per month then you can easily apply on Tribal Fusion for publisher program.

2. Advertising: is part of AOL. Advertising is also a top CPM ads network and also regarded as one of the high paying CPM rates. To join you must have huge traffic to your website.

3. Technorati Media: It is one of the largest social media advertising network, they deliver targeted campaigns from top brands at high CPM rates. Technorati media has tie ups with many companies including Google, Yahoo!,MSN,Tribal Fusion, Washington Post,IGN,etc.

4. BannerConnect: BannerConnect has been an expert on automated ad trading since 2004 and was one of the first companies in the world active on an ad exchange.

5. Casale Media: Casale Media offers high CPM rates at the same time they also offers fixed CPM rates. To become Casale Media publisher you are required to have 50,000 unique visitors each month.

6. Burst Media :Burst Media, one of the most stable and professional ad networks in the Ad network industry ,it accept publishers with moderate traffic on their blogs.The minimum traffic requirement for burst media is 5,000 monthly unique views .Burst Media provides high paying CPM rates.Publishers get complete control over the ads delivered.

7. CPX Interactive: It is a well known cpm ad network.CPX Interactive was named as 6th fastest growing privately held US advertising company in 2008 by Inc. Magazine for their annual list of corporate success stories. They deliver true scalability and transparency.

8. ValueClick Media: ValueClick media is one of the best cpm ad network which allow the publishers with moderate traffic.ValueClick media accepts websites with more than 3000 page views per month. They won’t accept  free hosted websites. They will approve only high quality sites.publishers having 3000+ page views per month can apply for it.You can cashout the amount once you reach $25.Payments are made monthly through Payment methods like paypal, check, direct deposit.

9. Adtegrity:, Inc. is an online advertising network.Publisher having a minimum 500,000 pageviews per month can apply for this company . The other requirement is that your 50% traffic must originate from U.S. Moreover your site should reside at a top level domain name.

10. Vibrant Media: Vibrant is the leader in premium contextual technology by aligning billions of words across the Internet. It has over 6,000 premium publishers, reaching over 250 million unique users per month, Vibrant offers publishers premium editorial tools to re-circulate users throughout their websites. You can gain incremental revenue through relevant display advertising and moreover, Vibrant InterestAD (VIA) are targeted based on words bought by brand advertisers, not by site with easy implementations.