How To Increase Your Website Traffic-Tips To Improve Blog Traffic

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How To Increase The Traffic Of A Website Or Blogger Blog

How to increase the traffic of a website or blogger blog.Now improve Your Website Traffic with 7 genuine ways.Traffic is like a soul to your blog.Every blogger needs targeted traffic rate for their blog, as a blog doesn't make any sense without it.Getting targeted quality traffic is a dream of every blogger.Applying all the below tips on your blog at once may make you exhausted,try one by one or pick some to boost up your blogs traffic rate.

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Easy Improve Your Website Traffic With 7 Genuine Ways


A blog gets a rich look only when it has got great content.When you are about to write a post in your niche,then make sure that it has got huge research and unanimous information.Many say that you need to write daily to get good response in blogging,but if you are after producing genuine content then posting atmost twice in a week is more enough to get golden spoon in your mouth.If you try to write unique and genuine content(SEO Friendly) then you are done with the most in your blogging career.Never do content replications from other sites,it may work for some people but wont prevail in long run and someday they will compel to wash off their career in blogging.

2.Blog Submission

Submit your blog to search engines like Google,Bing,Yahoo,etc.Also Submit your blog to free blog directories like Dmoz etc.There are many free listing directories and blogs available on web,where you can submit your blog to get backlinks ,which will help you in improving your Google page rank.Just do Google search for free domain listing.Forum posting,yahoo answers also play a good role in increasing your blog traffic.Try to link to Higher Authority websites to get quality backlinks. Join Yahoo Answers and Blogging Forums or Communities and help the needy in your niche.

3.Social Media

Social media plays a vital role in generating tons of traffic to your blog.Facebook,Twitter,Google+ are the most popular networking sites having billions of users.create a Facebook and Google+ fan page for your blog and invite your friends,also tweet your blog posts in your twitter account.Besides,There are many social networking sites like delicious,StumbleUpon,Pinterest,Digg,etc where you can leave your blog mark.Try to use social networking widgets on your blog which enable your readers and friends follow your site.But do not incorporate huge widgets that may annoy your readers.You should connect with other bloggers and people as soon as possible through these networking sites.These networking followers and fans improve the popularity for your blog.And once the blog gets popular,you don't need to write much for your blog  then,you will get huge guest posts :)

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4.Email Subscriptions

Set up an email subscription form on your blog and invite all in your network to subscribe.Make sure you have an RSS feed URL that people can subscribe to.RSS means Rich Site Summary.And as i said post atleast two genuine articles to sustain your existing readers and to gain new readers.Try to have email subscriptions in your blogs side bar and beneath every blog post.If you have any eBook about your experiences in blogging then You can offer that on subscriptions,as this helps you in getting more subscribers for your blog.


Follow some well known blogs from your niche and try to comment on their posts daily.Leave a high quality comment whenever a new post is published.If possible try to comment first for a new post in the popular blogs you follow,this will enhance your interaction with the blogs owner,and it will also catch your presence in blogging world ,making other commentators and readers recognize you and your blog.The more you give useful and intelligent comments ,the more you get good traffic.Never comment like a miser,try to elaborate your comment more clearly if it may be your suggestion or question.

6.guest blogging

This is the most fastest way to get huge traffic to your blog.In blogosphere it has been regarded as the top source for driving traffic to your blog.Create a unique,quality post and submit it on popular blogs,which in turn  honors you with backlinks and let other bloggers and readers jump onto your blog .Most of the famous blogs don't accept the articles from blogs having free hosting platforms and having sub domains like , try to have a good domain name and a WordPress web hosting for your blog.This not only gives your blog a professional look but also opens up your way to guest blogging.

7.Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

This is the only place where you need to squeeze your brain to write not just quality and informative posts but also an SEO friendly post.This is where you get organic traffic which is beyond your blogs direct traffic.To write seo friendly posts ,you need to include the keywords in your posts ,which a user type in search engines.By googling ,you can get many tools(eg:Google keyword tools ,Google insights) which give you the quality keywords based on the post title you give.Besides this, linking to high authority websites ,increasing your quality backlinks and Google page rank will give huge exposure to your blog posts in Gaint Search Engines like Google,Yahoo etc.

How To increase Traffic To Your Website

Which way you pick up to get traffic juice to your blog? If you know any other ways to generate traffic to website please put up into the comments box below :)