How To Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest

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When it comes to social media traffic ,your concentration drives to Facebook and Twitter, right :) .But have you ever thought that even pinterest can drive huge traffic to your website ? Pinterest is one of the leading social media sites ,which has got  drastic popularity within 2 years of span.It has about 48 million users who create boards of their interesting content.The most Popular categories in pinterest include recipes,travel, cars, food, film, humor, home ,design, sports, fashion,art, memorable blog posts, craft works etc. This post will give you a walkthrough about driving traffic to your blog using pinterest.


Tips To Promote Your Blog Using Pinterest

1.Have at least one Picture on every blog post

As Pinterest users create pinboards using images, have at least one picture in your blog post.This makes pinterest users  pin your blog post images easily.Choose images which completely resemble your blog post,which reflects the message of your blog post.Inserting attractive and informative pictures in blog posts will help your blog in drawing attention of pinterest users.Creat your own images for your blog posts.Try to have large images on your blog post as large images have great chances of getting pins.Give your pins a short, catchy title that explains the theme of your blog post. I urge you always write a pin description. Also see that the link associated with your pin needs to go back to your post, not your main home page.

2.Build Network with Pinterest Users

This is what you generally do on other social networking sites.Build a good relationship with pinterest users by pinning their pin boards,commenting on their pins.Follow the pinterest users who are in your blog niche.Try to reply to every comment you get on your pins from other pinterest users.Doing this will result in a close relationship with other pinterest users ,who can share your pinned posts giving you a good traffic.Watermarking images with your blog address will propagate your blog popularity when pinned or repinned.

3.Incorporate Pin It buttons

Incorporate Pinterest pin it buttons on your blogs side bar and for each post so that pinterest users can easily pin your post on their pinterest boards.Also have a pin it button below every post.Integrating pinterest pin it button on every image of your blog post help you in getting good amount of pins for your post images ,which in turn boosts up your blog traffic.