Eye Catching Places On Your Blog To Have Subscription Widgets

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Five eye catching places  on your blog to place subscription widgets.It is important to have  subscription widgets at right place on your blog as this would help you in getting targeted readers and quickly increase your blog subscribers.So where to place subscription widgets on your blog ? Make sure that the subscription widget you place on your blog should be easily noticeable and let your readers sign up at ease.Readers would never like to search for bookmarking or subscription widgets so make sure that they are available at every point on your blog.


1. sidebar

If you would have looked at many popular blogs,they have their subscription widgets at the top of their sidebar.This is the most eye catching space on blogs ,which when occupied by subscription widget,results in more subscribers.If a visitor is impressed by your blog and wish to subscribe,then he will first look at your blogs sidebar for subscription widget because it is a default place where every blogger would like to place his subscription widget.
It would be best if you have a scrolling subscription widget,which scrolls along with your blog page.When the reader scrolls down the page ,the widget automatically scrolls along the page ,enabling the readers for subscribing at any point of time.

2.Header Of Your Blog

Now a days many blogs are using their subscription widgets at top of the blog,so that when the readers lands on your blog ,they would easily notice the subscription widget for sign up.You can have subscription widget right to your blogger title or below your blogger header for easy notice.

3.Below Every Post

It would be good if you place your subscription widget below every post,because visitors might not like to subscribe just looking at the design of your blog.But When they go through your blog posts at the end if they feel that  your blog is worth reading ,then they would definitely like to subscribe to your blog .And the subscription widget after every post urge them sign up on your blog.

4.Pop Up

 Subscription widget in the form of pop up would also attract visitors and remind them to sign up for your blog.Pop up subscription widget disables your blogger screen and make the visitor focus only on the subscription widget.

5.Below Your Profile Description

Visitors would like to know more about the author of a blog,they have landed on.If they are pleased with your biography and writings,then there are chances that they would like to subscribe to your blog.But you need to remind them about sign up by placing  a subscription widget below your biography.