Eye Catching Places On Your Blog To Have Subscription Widgets

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Five eye catching places  on your blog to place subscription widgets.It is important to have  subscription widgets at right place on your blog as this would help you in getting targeted readers and quickly increase your blog subscribers.So where to place subscription widgets on your blog ? Make sure that the subscription widget you place on your blog should be easily noticeable and let your readers sign up at ease.Readers would never like to search for bookmarking or subscription widgets so make sure that they are available at every point on your blog.


1. sidebar

If you would have looked at many popular blogs,they have their subscription widgets at the top of their sidebar.This is the most eye catching space on blogs ,which when occupied by subscription widget,results in more subscribers.If a visitor is impressed by your blog and wish to subscribe,then he will first look at your blogs sidebar for subscription widget because it is a default place where every blogger would like to place his subscription widget.
It would be best if you have a scrolling subscription widget,which scrolls along with your blog page.When the reader scrolls down the page ,the widget automatically scrolls along the page ,enabling the readers for subscribing at any point of time.

2.Header Of Your Blog

Now a days many blogs are using their subscription widgets at top of the blog,so that when the readers lands on your blog ,they would easily notice the subscription widget for sign up.You can have subscription widget right to your blogger title or below your blogger header for easy notice.

3.Below Every Post

It would be good if you place your subscription widget below every post,because visitors might not like to subscribe just looking at the design of your blog.But When they go through your blog posts at the end if they feel that  your blog is worth reading ,then they would definitely like to subscribe to your blog .And the subscription widget after every post urge them sign up on your blog.

4.Pop Up

 Subscription widget in the form of pop up would also attract visitors and remind them to sign up for your blog.Pop up subscription widget disables your blogger screen and make the visitor focus only on the subscription widget.

5.Below Your Profile Description

Visitors would like to know more about the author of a blog,they have landed on.If they are pleased with your biography and writings,then there are chances that they would like to subscribe to your blog.But you need to remind them about sign up by placing  a subscription widget below your biography.
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How To Increase Subscriber Count For Your Blog

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Turning blog readers into subscribers is a goal of every blogger as Subscribers will give a static traffic to your blog.Readers would sit in a chair of subscription only when they feel that your blog has got some interesting stuff they are looking for.


1.Attract with Quality Content

If your blog is rich with genuine content with i3posts,then you don't need to play any tactics to get subscribers to your blog.Write about a topic (Niche) you interest in and that which help your readers.Readers related to a particular niche would automatically subscribe to a blog (in their Niche), the moment they find that the website they landed has got the information which help them make their lives easy.Write attractive posts as they  pull visitors and compel them turn into targeted subscribers.Writing about a particular niche and propagating your blog to the targeted readers in your niche will improve your blog subscription rate.

2.Integrate Subscription Widgets

Integrate your blog or website with simple and attractive subscription widgets to enable your readers sign up for your updates.Have a email subscription widget below every blog post you write as it drags readers attention to sign up after reading a post .Have subscription widgets in the form of pop ups ,but see that is should not annoy your readers.I would recommend to have a scrolling subscription widget at any corner of your blog ,which scrolls along with blogs page.Also placing a sign up widget at the top of your blogs sidebar would grab readers attention.Tell your readers to subscribe to your blog explicitly.

3.Attractive About Me Page

People are very much interested in others life,and that's what made Facebook a legend :) .Having attractive About Me page will make your visitors subscribe to your blog.Write about yourself on your blog and have your clear picture sized 400x400  .Include about your life journey,your interests, about your blogging career ,what made you start blogging,all achievements,mistakes you faced during your initial start.Tell your readers about your considerations and suggestions on blogging.

4.Offer Goodies

Offer your blog visitors a free eBook ,free blogger templates or free service upon subscribing to your blog.Also having weekly prize contests for your subscribers gives your blog a positive face.

5.Enable CommentLuv

Enabling CommentLuv on your blog will help your blog commentators sign up for your blog posts at ease as commentluv provides a check box for subscription below every comment.Giving a reply to every comment you get on your blog will let your readers know that you care for them.

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How To Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest

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When it comes to social media traffic ,your concentration drives to Facebook and Twitter, right :) .But have you ever thought that even pinterest can drive huge traffic to your website ? Pinterest is one of the leading social media sites ,which has got  drastic popularity within 2 years of span.It has about 48 million users who create boards of their interesting content.The most Popular categories in pinterest include recipes,travel, cars, food, film, humor, home ,design, sports, fashion,art, memorable blog posts, craft works etc. This post will give you a walkthrough about driving traffic to your blog using pinterest.


Tips To Promote Your Blog Using Pinterest

1.Have at least one Picture on every blog post

As Pinterest users create pinboards using images, have at least one picture in your blog post.This makes pinterest users  pin your blog post images easily.Choose images which completely resemble your blog post,which reflects the message of your blog post.Inserting attractive and informative pictures in blog posts will help your blog in drawing attention of pinterest users.Creat your own images for your blog posts.Try to have large images on your blog post as large images have great chances of getting pins.Give your pins a short, catchy title that explains the theme of your blog post. I urge you always write a pin description. Also see that the link associated with your pin needs to go back to your post, not your main home page.

2.Build Network with Pinterest Users

This is what you generally do on other social networking sites.Build a good relationship with pinterest users by pinning their pin boards,commenting on their pins.Follow the pinterest users who are in your blog niche.Try to reply to every comment you get on your pins from other pinterest users.Doing this will result in a close relationship with other pinterest users ,who can share your pinned posts giving you a good traffic.Watermarking images with your blog address will propagate your blog popularity when pinned or repinned.

3.Incorporate Pin It buttons

Incorporate Pinterest pin it buttons on your blogs side bar and for each post so that pinterest users can easily pin your post on their pinterest boards.Also have a pin it button below every post.Integrating pinterest pin it button on every image of your blog post help you in getting good amount of pins for your post images ,which in turn boosts up your blog traffic.

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How To Write Interesting Informative And Interactive Blog Posts

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Incorporate this I3 processor in your blog post to ramp up its popularity.Many bloggers end up their day writing huge posts without implementing I3 factor in their blog posts.Why do they do so? Because they did read that posting tons of posts daily will earn them targeted readers.What do you say? Do those posts worth reading, which just posted  for the sake of hike in their traffic rate? If a post written, has I3 processor ( interesting ,informative and interactive) ,then doesn't matter how many posts you write per day.If your post meets these 3I's,then surely you will not only retain your existing readers but also earn new readers.

how-to-write-interesting-interactiv- informative-posts

I3 Processor for your Blog Post


How to make your blog post Interesting? Give an attractive title for your post,like instead of giving Role of social media in business for your blog post,you can try something like why businesses run after social media or  Is social media a hero for businesses.If possible give funny titles to your post, because funny thing goes viral easily.Incorporating attractive image,video in your blog post also makes your post interesting.Showcase your expressions using smileys in the middle of the post.Highlight the keywords or main points of your post in bold ,italic,quotes etc.


How to make your blog post Informative? Break your post into some direct shot headings so that even a glance at your post will make your readers understand the soul of your blog post.Also it will be a good practice if you bold or underline the lines which reflect your posts actual purpose ,else try to put the main items in a list format with simple bullet points.If possible try to have an audio or video version of your blog post.


How to make your blog post Interactive? Have questions (like what do you say?,what you feel?,does it sounds correct?) in the middle of the post.Write your thoughts about the post and ask readers for suggestions or considerations at the end of the post giving them access to comments on your blog .Try to reply to each comment ,which actually leads to good interaction with your blog readers and which in turn lets your blog nourish with targeted readers by turning them into subscribers.

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How To Increase Alexa Rank For Your Website

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How to increase Alexa rank for blogger blog is a question of many.Lets improve Alexa rank for your website.Is it a dream of EVERY BLOGGER to have a good rank in Alexa for their websites? Perhaps not, because it is nowhere related to SEO or Google page rank.But I can say that Alexa ranking plays a vital role for the bloggers who want to make some living through blogs.It helps in bringing quality advertisers to their blogs ,which earns them some money.Traffic of your blog is the only thing, Alexa is questing for.Yes, Alexa ranking is dependent on your blogs traffic rate.The more you have traffic ,the good your Alexa rank be.

What Alexa Actually does ?

Alexa is a website that gives a traffic position to your website on the World Wide Web. This calculation is based on the traffic your site is receiving. You only need to install the Alexa toolbar to your browser as the Alexa toolbar collects the last three months traffic data and gives the number of the pages of the website used and visited and based on that sets a worldwide and country wise rank to your website.The main goal of Alexa is to rank your website over world wide web depending on your websites traffic.The Alexa rank may fluctuate depending on your last 3 months traffic rate.

Why increase Alexa rank?

If you want to earn handsome money out of your blog ,then Alexa rank will play a key role.Alexa rank is used by most ad networks,advertisers, webmasters to measure the traffic rate and the merit of your blog. For instance, when it comes to Advertisers, they look for the blogs with good Alexa rank to promote their products and services.In this regard, Alexa can make you obtain a better bargaining position.Doesn't it sounds good :),then how to increase  your Alexa rank.keep going...

How to increase Alexa rank?

Here are some strategies which help you in improving your websites Alexa rank.

1.Alexa Toolbar:Install Alexa tool bar on your browser and make sure you tell your readers to install it,because it counts the visitors coming from the Alexa toolbar installed browsers.

2.Alexa Reviews:I think this would help you in improving your Alexa rank.if you have positive reviews about your blog or website on Alexa reviews page,then this will benefit you some way.so tell your friends or other bloggers who you know ,to write a positive review about your site.

3.Popularity:As per Alexa,The popularity of your blog is determined with the count of quality backlinks you have for your blog.So improving quality backlinks will lead your blog to a better Alexa rank.Check how to get quality backlinks for your blog.

4.Alexa Widget:I don't think Alexa widget makes any difference,but will help you and your readers track your Alexa rank.

5.Traffic:The only drink,that can quench Alexa's thirst.I can assure you that if you have good traffic for your blog ,then you don't need to worry about your Alexa rank.For sure, you Will have a good Alexa rank,and that in turn will drive advertisers to your blog with good advertising proposals.


As per my suggestion,I would recommend you to first concentrate on your blogs traffic to boost up your Alexa ranking.To be frank, in December 2012,the Alexa rank for my blog was 7500000 and today (February 2013) it has come up to 500000.And to your information I have never applied any tactics or strategies to improve my Alexa rank.The only diamond which shines on Alexa platform and the one that I concentrated on is the traffic of my blog.It doesn't mean that the strategies stated above are in vain,they also have an impact on Alexa ranking.But first concentrate on your blog traffic.Also check what ways I adopted to increase my blog traffic,which did chop my Alexa rank from 7500k to 500K in hardly three months.

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